RaceDay_Scan_02_blau.jpg   KUSHITANI is the world’s longest-standing producer of leather racing combi’s. They have been producing top-quality combi’s with great designs and a perfect fit since 1955. Be part of the legend and experience KUSITANI. Leadership, courage and spectacular moves: enter the world of KUSHITANI. Many motorsport heroes swear by KUSHITANI.

Besides leather clothing, the collection also includes a wide range of textile clothing. For the waterproof and breathable membrane, KUSHITANI only uses GORE-TEX®. The aim of KUSHITANI and GORE-TEX® is to produce only products made of high-quality materials, and the textile collection is based on this philosophy.
Only the best materials are used for these products, after extensive testing. When the prototypes are ready, they are tested in the special GORE test laboratory. This way, only the best products are added to the KUSHITANI collection. Nothing less than the best will do!